I am an illustrative designer with deep techy roots. I work conceptually first, meaning, I thumbnail everything before jumping to tools. I work 100% digital using the current versions of the Adobe Suite on desktop and Procreate on an iPad Pro.  I love learning new ways of solving visual problems. It is character trait that helps keep my skills relevant and ever evolving.

I provide drama-free creative solutions for advertising, business, and publishing. I have successfully completed projects all over the U.S. as well as international gigs in Australia, Canada, the UK, and South Africa. Because I have been running a freelance business for 35+ years, I know to work remotely, how to meet deadlines, and work within hair-pulling client expectations. I have worked at in-house marketing departments, advertising agencies, and publishing companies. I have taught collage-level classes in design, software fundamentals, and digital illustration. 
I pride myself with how easy I am to work with. Please feel free to contact me about possible upcoming projects, or rate inquiries.
Dave Van Etten
Van Etten Studios

"Dave rocks! He works hard to stay in touch during projects so that it feels like he's in the same office, although he lives 1,000 miles away."
"Van Etten Studios saved me a boatload of money by catching another creative's (software) file problems before the project went to the printer. He's a first class illustrator, but he also has respect for the business side of the equation."
"After years of working with artistic prima-donnas, I've found that Dave's laid-back approach to be a breath of fresh air."
"Dave is a rare mix of tech savvy and creative. He is equally at comfort painting with pixels as he is working in vectors; sometimes at the same time." 
"Van Etten Studios knows how to make working overseas as easy as calling next door. I run a creative studio out of Sydney Australia, and Dave works from the States. I don't think he ever sleeps."
"Dave designed and illustrated a book cover for my first self-published book and came in on time and on budget. He held my hand, educated me, and solved a host of publishing/printing issues I had never even thought of. Because of him my book not only looked professional but saved me money in revisions and edits."

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